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Safety Stand-Down

Engaging training to proactively build your business safety culture.




Safety Training That Works.

In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to pause and prioritize safety. Our Safety Stand-Down days provide a unique opportunity for your team to engage in hands-on learning experiences that go beyond theory and regulations. Through interactive demonstrations, practical exercises, and real-life simulations, we empower your workforce to actively participate in safety discussions, identify potential hazards, and develop practical solutions. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to elevate your safety culture and equip your team with the hands-on skills and knowledge they need to make a lasting and safe impact.

Our Safety Stand-Downs offer opportunities to:

  • Engage with, 
  • Learn from, 
  • Recognize, 
  • Support workers

All of which helps to continue building a health safety culture.



What are Safety Stand Down days?

A day dedicated to training your workforce on multiple safety topics related to your work. 


Why schedule a Safety Stand Down?

Safety Stand Down days allow employers to align all employees on the same material and company expectations. 

Training all employees simultaneously on the same topics can alleviate the burdens associated with record-keeping and tracking.


What makes A&H Safety Stand Down days different?

Our Safety Stand-Downs offer opportunities to:

  • Engage with, 
  • Learn from 
  • Recognize 
  • Support workers

Which helps to continue building a healthy safety culture.

Through real-life case studies, practical demonstrations, and thought-provoking discussions, Arthur and Hansen successfully instilled a safety-first mindset among our employees.
Rob Watson
Brown's Construction Services, INC
What sets Arthur and Hansen apart is their ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice. They go beyond the mere dissemination of information by providing practical demonstrations and simulations that simulate real-world construction scenarios. This hands-on approach has proven highly effective in helping participants understand the potential risks and hazards they may encounter on the job site and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate them effectively.
Mikin Plummer
Kern County Builders Exchange
Not only did Arthur and Hansen excel in delivering high-quality training, but they also ensured that our workforce left the Safety Stand Down day with the necessary resources to sustain their safety knowledge. They provided comprehensive safety manuals, checklists, and reference materials that our team members could refer to in their day-to-day operations. This commitment to ongoing support and guidance has been instrumental in reinforcing the safety culture at HPS Plumbing.
Les DenHerder
HPS Plumbing

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